Ainsworth Mill, Bolton – July 2016


With nothing to do on a nice day in summer, I got on a bus to Bolton and hopped off when I spotted this place through the window. The building was fairly fucked but made for a good couple of hours wandering around yet another derelict mill.

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Facit Mine, Whitworth – July 2016


My first mine explore outside of the fairly standard North Wales slate mine tours. Visited with Moose on his fourth or fifth trip, and judging by the size of the place it’s not hard to see why he keeps coming back for more.

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Whitehead Clock Tower foundations – July 2016


Whilst looking for something else in the area Stitch and I spotted a rather suspect-looking lid. Within a few minutes we had it up and descended into a small tunnel that led to the foundations for an extremely well-known local landmark.

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Radcliffe Times, Radcliffe – June 2016


A fun, inventive bit of access led to a rather unknown piece of local history. Unearthing a mosaic was definitely the best part of this explore!

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The Rock Fire Station, Bury – June 2016


This building is by far one of the most secure abandoned buildings in Bury, which instantly elevates it to ‘top priority’ status on my list of places to explore. A ridiculous amount of PIRs litter every room and corridor, along with the constant threat of police dogs appearing round the corner with a security guard behind them always playing on your mind. It took a lot of patience but I finally managed to get inside.

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Slop Pail, Bury (Walshaw Brook) – June 2016


This drain is a bit of a unique one; two culverts join together in a beautiful mish-mash of brick, stone, and concrete. Myself and Moose finally got around to taking a look at the ‘first’ section, starting at the infall from the Walshaw Brook.

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Horncliffe Mansion, Edenfield – June 2016


The second explore on my Rossendale ‘hit list’. Due to the (rather comical) way I entered the building, I managed to leave one of my cameras behind when I left. It wasn’t before I’d reached Rawtenstall train station that I noticed it wasn’t in my bag, so I had to endure the long walk back up the hill to claim it before someone else did.

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Stand Athletic FC, Rossendale – June 2016


Explore number one on my trip down to the Rossendale area. The first site I had intended to visit was surrounded by an army of orange workers so I turned my sights to the nearby derelict football club.

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The Rock Fire Station, Bury – June 2016


After conquering Bury’s police station I set my sights on another of the town’s abandoned stations. Whilst this visit didn’t result in actually gaining entry to the main building, it provided a much-needed recce and there was a few hidden rewards to be found in various outbuildings.

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Bury Police HQ, May 2016


When myself and Moose set out to explore the derelict police station (again) that dominates Bury’s skyline, we didn’t expect to be meeting any police officers due to the fact that the building has been closed for almost 6 years now. It turns out we did.

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